Monday, September 7, 2009

Gerry Connolly: Health Care -- No they're not!! (Really?)

A few weeks before starting this blog, over a period of a few weeks, some friends and I went door to door in our neighborhoods to talk to regular Fairfaxians about the Health Care Reform Bill (HR3200). We provided a brochure highlighting some of our main points of contention with the bill and encouraged our neighbors to contact our congressional representatives by providing pre-addressed post cards. The response we got was passionate and nearly unanimous -- No Government-run Health Care!

On the morning of, August 18th, 2009, my friends and I met up with some other true Patriots in front of the Rosslyn Holiday Inn to demonstrate against the Healthcare Reform Bill. We chose this location and time because Gerry Connolly, Congressional Representative for Virginia's 11th District (including Fairfax County), was scheduled to speak there. As his car approached the entrance to the hotel, we gathered around to talk with him. He rolled down his window and his driver slowed down so he could respond. To the best of my recollection, the conversation went like this:

One of us asked whether or not he supports the Healthcare Reform Bill. Mr. Connolly said emphatically, "I support the Healthcare Reform Bill." I've got to give him credit for a straight answer here.

I asked, "Why haven't you scheduled a town hall meeting?"

His response: "I've had plenty of town hall meetings."

Well, not since the publication of HR3200, which was the timeframe I was referring to. It was an evasive answer.

I then said to him as I held up my sign (Connolly Constituents Against ObamaCare), "Mr. Connolly, your constituents are against this bill."

He shouted as his car pulled into the garage, "No, they're not!" and then rolled up his window.

Apparently, Mr. Connolly hasn't been out talking to his constituents.

This is not the only bad bill Gerry Connolly has supported or does currently support. He has voted with the House Democrat block led by Nancy Pelosi on every piece of lousy legislation presented since he took office in January. He's part of the problem. He needs to be retired. Let's work on that!

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