Monday, September 7, 2009

Obama Speech in Fairfax County Schools?

Tomorrow at noon, President Obama plans to address our kids on the subject of education. His speech to school children, K through 12, is scheduled for noon tomorrow -- the first day of school in Fairfax County. The speech is designed to be shown in the classroom. This is proving to be quite controversial:

If you would prefer that your children not participate, you must contact your school directly to find out what they plan to do. In Fairfax County, the decision to show or not to show the speech, the decision whether or not to discuss it with children in the classroom, and whether or not they will offer an "opt-out" option is being left up to the individual schools and, in some cases, individual teachers. For example, my kids' elementary school is showing the speech on Wednesday morning as part of the morning announcements, and they are offering an opt out if parents request it before Wednesday morning.

The following article provides more information and specifically mentions Fairfax County:

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